Resident Resources

Our commitment at Silver Bay is to ensure that you are always provided with excellent service and care. Your home has been inspected, cared for, and maintained with pride so that you feel comfortable and at home. While you are responsible for minor maintenance in and around your home, and any damage caused by you and/or your guests, we will take care of any major maintenance concerns that may arise. Minor repairs under $100 are considered resident responsibility.

We’ve collected many helpful maintenance troubleshooting videos that you can follow along to  prior to submitting a maintenance request. If a vendor is dispatched and we find that one of the troubleshooting options would have corrected the problem, you will be charged for the service call.

Maintenance Emergency 

A maintenance emergency is defined as a total loss of heat/AC when outside air temperature is less than 50 or more than 80 degrees, loss of water, water/plumbing emergency, electrical emergency, and an unsecured property due to an attempted break-in. For after-hours emergency maintenance requests, please call (844) 427-2792. Our offices are closed evenings and weekends. 

How to Submit a Property Modification Request

Any changes to your home would need prior approval before modifications are made. If modifications are made to the home without approval, charges will be deducted from your security deposit upon move-out. The most efficient way to submit your request is to follow the steps below:

Property Modification Request2

Common Property Modification Requests

Painting Inside the Home

  • Painting inside the home is permitted
  • Rooms must be painted back to the original color prior to move-out
  • Failure to paint rooms back to their original color will result in charges taken from your security deposit

Installing Cable, Satellite Dish, or Alarm System

  • Installing cable, satellite dish, or an alarm system is permitted
  • Satellite dishes cannot be attached to the home, and alarm systems must be wireless

Hanging Pictures, Curtains, Shelves, or Televisions

  • Hanging pictures, curtains, shelves, or televisions is permitted
  • Walls must be restored back to their original condition prior to move-out
  • Failure to patch any holes will result in charges taken from your security deposit