Pet Proofing Your Silver Bay Home

Animals and pets bring so much joy and happiness to a household, but there are definitely things you do not want your pet getting into. Pet are inquisitive and curious by nature. They will want to investigate everything, even things that could potentially be dangerous to them.  We’ve laid out items in each room of the house to be cautious of and could cause harm to your

  • Kitchen: There may be harmful foods, utensils, chemicals or electronics around while cooking, so this area can be extremely dangerous for an animal. Taking precautions is very important in this area.
    • Install a gate or door to keep your pets out of the kitchen in order to prevent your pets from getting into something hazardous.
    • Use child proof latches to keep them from getting into cabinets
    • Keep all food out of reach as some items can be dangerous for consumption
    • Keep trash cans covered or inside a latched cabinet
  • Bathroom: This is definitely a space to keep you pet clear of because there could be chemicals that could harm your animal.
    • Put your toilet seat down. If you use harsh cleaners to clean your toilet, you don’t want your pet drinking any water that may be contaminated
    • Never leave dirty laundry on the floor. Your pet could pick them up and they could become a choking hazard
    • Keep medications, lotions or cosmetics out of reach
  • Common Areas: So many fun and exciting things for your pet to experience in these areas that could be dangerous, so be conscious of things you’re leaving around.
    • Tuck away cords and wires so they do not chew through them
    • Keep remotes, pens, pencils, rubber bands and other small objects out of reach
    • Cover your fireplace to shield your pets from fire and ash
    • Keep houseplants out of reach, some may be harmful or poisonous to pets
  • Backyard: The backyard is a favorite spot for your pets but there are still things to consider when it comes to the safety for your animals.
    • Check the fence for any holes that your pet might be able to squeeze through
    • If your home doesn’t have a fence, make sure to keep your pet on a tie out for their safety and the safety of others
    • Make sure any plants in the garden are safe for pets
    • Dedicate a pet friendly space where they can go with no human hazards in the way
    • Make sure you have plenty of pet friendly toys to keep them occupied
    • Consider a pet video camera to keep an eye on your furry friends when you’re away from them

pet-proofing-2Pet proofing your house is a beneficial step to take because having a safe and healthy animal is what it’s all about.  If you are struggling with pet proofing, try to designate a pet friendly space where your animal can go with no human hazards in the way. Keep your fury friends safe and they will continue to love you unconditionally and provide so much happiness for you and your family.

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